Dimensions of Polarization in Turkey 2015

About the Project

The research on the “Dimensions of Polaziration in Turkey” was conducted by Emre Erdoğan from the Turkey Corporate Social Responsibility Association with the support of the Black Sea Cooperation Trust in December 2015. The research was based on a survey with 1024 participants from 16 provinces of Turkey representing the 18+ population.

One of the key findings of the research was the overlap of social identities with political parties. It was observed that some social identities were identified with some political parties. Thus, party alignments tended to regard many political issues in the context of their party identities. On the other hand, the research presented the increasing social distance among different party alignments. Regardless of the political party that was felt most distant to, social distance was observed to be high, when the supporters of any political party were addressed questions about the supporters of the political party, that they felt the most distant, in terms of marrying their daughter to these people, doing business together, being neighbours and having their children befriended with the children of these people.


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